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"The biggest fan of the Wild in the U.P. of Michigan"
Houghton, MI • United States • 22 Years Old • Male
WildMTUFan [email protected]
Well what a day it was today, I worked nearly 12 hours between two food industry jobs and brought in well over $100 in tips, yeehaw! However, the glory of the day was when I saw a gigantic young man walk into Domino's. I looked at him and thought 'wow, he's really big.' I looked at the pizza that said 'John' on it and said, "Are you John?" he said "Yes." I said "John Scott?" I then immediately changed from pizza man to energized fan. Somewhere in between there I figured out what change to give him (I think so anyways).

Scott played four years at Michigan Tech University where I currently attend school. I've seen him around campus a few times, I even delivered pizza to his house several times over the last 2 years. However, this time it was different because it's the first time I've seen him since he's been a part of the Wild organization (the second MTU alum to play in the Wild's organization).

Scott said that he loves playing in Houston saying that the weather is a lot better than the weather in Houghton (who doesn't love 10 feet of snow?!) and he is having fun playing. The biggest thing he mentioned was how excited he was to go to the Wild training camp in a few weeks. This is going to be his first time at the camp, a camp at which he'll be trying to stop the likes of Marian Gaborik, Mikko Koivu, and Brian Rolston. I can't even imagine. I asked him about the prospects camp, and he said it was a good time. I held back from telling him that I was proud of him for getting the first goal in the final scrimmage (thanks wild.com for that tidbit!) Before he could allow me to tell him even more about how jealous I am of where he is, or tell him good luck again in the upcoming year he left. Took his pizza with him.

This seems kind of odd, but I thought it was absolutely strange that this happened on the same day that another Wild and Michigan Tech alumni signed a three year contract in the NHL. Congratulations to Andy Sutton on the big contract, I'm sure he'll fill the whole that has been left by Sean Hill (more wild connection, except this time we've got a UMD Bulldog on our hands) very nicely. As always, eat cheese.
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