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Texhorns02 writes...

Dallas' dire situation

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
The Dallas Stars are #2 in the NHL. They have two of the top scorers in the Western Conference playing on their #1 line, one of the best defenders the game has known, the greatest American player, and an elite goalie. Why does no one care about them? I realize Dallas is a football town. I also realize that the Mavericks and Rangers will always get more coverage than the St...
Texhorns02 writes...

Stick a fork in them

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
4-1 Phoenix with 10 minutes left. With 2 minutes left in the 2nd Dallas was down just 2-1. However Mattias Norstrom, being the human pylon that he is, allowed Niko Kapanen to skate right around him to pick up a rebound. Since when is Niko Kapanen a net crasher? Keep him contained and put him on his ass Norstrom. I thought his reputation was as a solid defender and hi...


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