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The title really isn't as far fetched as you may think. Many, ok most, think we are a bottom 5 team. It is hard to not agree based on what last year brought. Hell the past couple years of decline. But this year has the potential to be different, and by different I mean not as bleak as everyone thinks. Here's why: -New management +/- 0 call it a wash -New Coach with the...
It is no secret, the Canucks are nowhere near as good as they were when they won back to back presidents' trophies back in 2011 and 2012. They have done nothing in the past four seasons to make us think otherwise. Poor drafting and team management has led the Canucks to the inevitable. That is of course, the dreaded rebuild. The time frame for the rebuild falls in sync...
The Vancovuer Canucks have gone from the leagues best team, to an outdated veteran roster that requires a serious rebuild. The team is still competitive, but is not capable of making a run for the Stanley Cup with their current roster. The core of the team is closing in on their last few NHL seasons. The Sedin twins have been the best players on the Canucks roster f...


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