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New Tampa Bay Lightning Owner Jeff Vinik has consistently mentioned his desire to build a "World Class" organization in Tampa. His actions suggest loudly, that he's not kidding. For the past 2 seasons, Lightning news has more often than not been more appropriate for a Supermarket Rag than the Hockey News. Vinik has successfully reversed those days in Tampa Bay in a big ...
archromat writes...

Controlling the language

Posted Thursday | Comments 2
Now I used to get into a lot of arguments online, so I know a lot of the tricks that people do in order to gain the upper hand. One of them is being employed by both sides of the negotiation, and it came more to life yesterday. Most arguments have to do with language, words (semantics), what meanings they package, and how they're contextually used. Since language is a...
C-Flo writes...

Words With Friends

Posted Sunday | Comments 0
Today's challenge: To come up with one stupendous word to describe whatever I feel like describing, and to use it in a sentence. [b]Devan Dubnyk:[/b] His potential for being bad is abyssopelagic. [b]Ales Hemsky:[/b] Unless he's scoring a highlight reel goal, he looks like a somnambulist. [b]Ryan Nugent-Hopkins:[/b] His perspicaciousness more than makes up for ...


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