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"Go With The Flo"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 33 Years Old • Male
We will be relentless with the rock. We will dominate time of possession with the rock. If we lose the rock, we will be like honey badgers trying to get it back. We will have the highest level of compete. We will run the most offensive plays you've ever seen. And you will tire out long before we do. The rock could be a puck or a football. The team could be the Edmonton Oilers or the Philadelph... Read More »

Brian Is Tryin' To Fight The Oilers

Posted September 5, 2013
Humans hold grudges. Most of us have a strong desire to hold people accountable for not treating us well. And if you want to not treat another GM well in the NHL, I recommend tendering an offer sheet for one of their RFAs. Ever since the Oilers swooped in and scooped up Dustin Penner, offering him 10 times his old salary, there has been bad blood between Burke and the Oilers franchise. An offe... Read More »
Linus Omark never should have been sent down to the minors. He never should have gotten injured while down there. He never should have been exiled for mysterious reasons. He never should have been hung out to dry like laundry flapping in the wind. He never should have scored all those points in Switzerland when he could have been scoring them for the Oilers. MacTavish never should have been... Read More »

Words With Friends

Posted September 1, 2013
Today's challenge: To come up with one stupendous word to describe whatever I feel like describing, and to use it in a sentence. [b]Devan Dubnyk:[/b] His potential for being bad is abyssopelagic. [b]Ales Hemsky:[/b] Unless he's scoring a highlight reel goal, he looks like a somnambulist. [b]Ryan Nugent-Hopkins:[/b] His perspicaciousness more than makes up for his lack of size. [b]D... Read More »

The New Beatles (The Fab Four)

Posted August 31, 2013
Continuing on a theme first written about in my earlier blog Parallels, it's fascinating to see how these young Oilers bear striking similarities to other people in history. Let's examine in this quick post. If you'd like to read Parallels, comparing the 13-14 Oilers to the 83-84 Oilers, it's here: http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=211317&post_id=15448 [b]Taylor Hall -- The Cute On... Read More »


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