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One afternoon, when I was 4 years old (1984), I was at the Ice Palace in West Edmonton Mall with my brother and parents. I don't remember what the event was or why I was there, but, the Edmonton Oilers were playing a charity shinny game with some guys wearing red jerseys to this day, I claim, that they were the flames. Not because I remember Lanny's moustache or even a fla...
archromat writes...

Apology accepted

Posted Sunday | Comments 1
Now that the lockout has reached a tentative agreement (you know, pending board of governor approval and to make sure that there's little misunderstanding when it's committed to paper), we can now reflect on the way we were prior to the resolution of this nasty lockout. Though we lost a full season in 2005, less proverbial poo was flung at that time as is flung this tim...


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