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Apology accepted

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Now that the lockout has reached a tentative agreement (you know, pending board of governor approval and to make sure that there's little misunderstanding when it's committed to paper), we can now reflect on the way we were prior to the resolution of this nasty lockout.

Though we lost a full season in 2005, less proverbial poo was flung at that time as is flung this time. That is, there was a great philosophical divide between the players and owners and there was frustration on both ends, but less emotional attacks on characters and such. Of course, we can thank the existence of twitter to allow us to broadcast our thoughts as soon as they happen rather than allowing us time to reflect on those thoughts before broadcasting. Twitter is the harbinger of remorse.

Now that we said all that we said, and I'm sure we've all heard the whispers.
- I'm not paying for anything anymore.
- They hate the fans, let's protest.
- F word this, F word hockey. (Frank, is that you)?
- Bettman/Fehr is attempting to ruin the game.
- Greed this, money that.

And we got into many exchanges, I'm just glad that they agreed to a system in which its principle problem (the 50/50 split) was addressed and other minor problems that involve paying people money they don't deserve through overlong contracts and such were tinkered with so that we can get a more-approximate-to-optimal system (concerning the current dynamic) for at least the next eight years.

I'm confident that this deal reached will keep the players happy and keep the owners happy without allowing the GMs to lawyer or weasel too many ways to expose or create inconsistencies in systems that are designed to protect the good of the game and its overall growth through the quality of its product. I hate some of the rules (puck over glass discrepancy, the Brodeur trapezoid) of the lockout, but I really do love the competitiveness of this sport and appreciate the fact that my Devils might not see the finals for maybe another 15 years because of its competitiveness.

Now that we got our pacifiers back, I'm pretty sure all the nastiness of yesterday and the other 111 days or 112 days can be forgotten and we can stop crying about it. Game on. Apology accepted.
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January 7, 2013 11:18 PM ET | Delete
Garbage. I might watch the odd free game on tv but I canceled my center ice package. I refuse to wear any of my NHL apparel and won't buy anymore. Plus me and the rest of my posse blew our annual sports trip budget on an NFL/NBA plus golf week in Az. Screw em all.
October 31, 2019 3:39 AM ET | Delete
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