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jnamio writes...

Color Me Confused

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
I am not one to pin too much hope on rumors, hockey or otherwise. I have learned, over the years, to expect the worst. When it doesn't happen, I can be pleasantly surprised. But now I'm just confused, and it's EK's fault. Every morning, I faithfully check the Rumor Chart. I check out all of the Ex-Coyotes, I check on the current Coyotes up for contract renewal. But f...
CanuckBloggin writes...

Additional Cowbell

Posted Monday | Comments 0
With our top blogger out for the season I make my long unawaited return to the MyHockeybuzz blog area thing. Although I originally intended on posting a regular blog, being in Mark Gage's shadow is no easy pill to swallow and it was clear with him on board there was no point in writing a blog that was not going to be read. However, that being said, Gage is gone, so hopef...


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