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"Que Sera Sera"
Scottsdale, AZ • United States • 42 Years Old • Female

A Casual Glance

Posted July 31, 2007
I took a casual glance at the roster for the Phoenix Coyotes this morning. I realize, of course, that they still have quite a bit of money to spend to fill out that roster. But I also realize that they won't spend it. So this, my friends, this is the roster that we will be working with come October. In the "promising, up and coming, youth movement" category we have... well, we have most of the... Read More »

Color Me Confused

Posted July 26, 2007
I am not one to pin too much hope on rumors, hockey or otherwise. I have learned, over the years, to expect the worst. When it doesn't happen, I can be pleasantly surprised. But now I'm just confused, and it's EK's fault. Every morning, I faithfully check the Rumor Chart. I check out all of the Ex-Coyotes, I check on the current Coyotes up for contract renewal. But first and foremost, I chec... Read More »

We Signed Who??

Posted July 23, 2007
I think Coyotes fans, more than most, have spent these first few weeks of the Free Agent signing season looking at each other and saying, "Who?" We realize, naturally, that the Yotes are going to "get to the playoffs" on the cheap this year. Cheap and young. Why, they might even have to have Kool-Aid in the locker room for this bunch. And they certainly are going to have to serve it to those of... Read More »

"I'm Not Dead Yet!"

Posted July 16, 2007
I'm guessing that it is a safe bet that I wouldn't want to be Timmy P from the Philly Enquirer today. If I was a real bitch, I'd email him (again) and remind him (again) that Roenick's text message retirement announcement was never confirmed. But I'll be a good girl. I'll just email him the article from The Hockey News instead. And it must be a full moon, the Arizona Repulsive even publis... Read More »

Que Sera Sera

Posted July 11, 2007
I have always looked at this time of the year with mixed emotions. While it is exciting as a hockey fan to see teams retool, rebuild, or reinvent themselves, it is also a time of frustration, anger, and sadness. I am frustrated that my Blackhawks may still suck for yet another season because the ownership is cheaper than my little Italian Grandfather. And that is damned cheap. I am angry th... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Chicago Blackhawks, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, AZ Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns

Most Hated Teams

Red Wings, Dallas Stars

Favorite Players

Roenick, Amonte, Esche, Zigomanis

Most Hated Players

Modano, Lindros, Hatcher

Best Hockey Memories

First Blackhawk game attended, 1990, JR's back to back hat tricks, Kolanos penalty shot on Patrick Roy

My Hockey Teams

Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers

As a hockey player, I compare to...

My 11 year old is the hockey player of the family. Right wing, #8, with her first penalty on my birthday. Nice present!