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Color Me Confused

Posted 11:59 AM ET | Comments 0
I am not one to pin too much hope on rumors, hockey or otherwise. I have learned, over the years, to expect the worst. When it doesn't happen, I can be pleasantly surprised.

But now I'm just confused, and it's EK's fault.

Every morning, I faithfully check the Rumor Chart. I check out all of the Ex-Coyotes, I check on the current Coyotes up for contract renewal. But first and foremost, I check Roenick, still hoping for a year or two of hockey from him.

Okay, Eklund, you have me stumped now. You have three entries for JR, and none of them are the same. Is it Ottawa? Is it Toronto? Maybe Nashville? What the heck is it?

Free agent season already is enough to give one gray hair, please don't make me buy any more Clairol than necessary!

And as a Phoenix resident, I have another question. With the Coyotes recent signing of Aebischer, why would they need to sign Esche? Not that this would make me unhappy, I'm a big fan of Rob's. But since I'm being confused about JR, I might as well be confused about Chico as well.

Sigh. I guess I just haven't had enough caffeine yet this morning.
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