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Yes, this team is for real. It is only two games, but look at what they've done. An emotional 6-0 win (that one was for you Luc Bourdon) and then a 5-4 OT victory in hostile territory tonight. Northwest Division rival Calgary was the victim both times. And I know how people say the preseason doesn't matter, but it's no fluke that the Canucks had one of the best r...
And, oh yeah, who predicted that? Mind checking my Oct. 2008 archives for my NHL season predictions? Because if I recall, I was nearly crucified by the Hockeybuzz community for my "outlandish" remark that the Canucks would win the Northwest Division. Granted, I know there's a lot of puck to be played, but take a look at those standings, and see if I had any brain ...


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