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And, oh yeah, who predicted that?

Mind checking my Oct. 2008 archives for my NHL season predictions?

Because if I recall, I was nearly crucified by the Hockeybuzz community for my "outlandish" remark that the Canucks would win the Northwest Division.

Granted, I know there's a lot of puck to be played, but take a look at those standings, and see if I had any brain in me when I predicted Canucks to finish third in the West behind Detroit and San Jose.

Apologies in order?

I'm just sayin'.
November 21, 2008 10:01 AM ET | Delete
I was pretty much on board with your prediction. Check mine out.http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=50174
November 21, 2008 1:36 PM ET | Delete
Evidently the season ends at 20 games... wouldn't get to excited yet. If not for Luongo it would be a completely different story.
November 21, 2008 2:55 PM ET | Delete
The Luongo comment is stupid, he's paid to do what he has just like goalscorers are paid to score goals. The bottom line is they have him and he does make a difference.
November 21, 2008 3:30 PM ET | Delete
If you factor in Minny's win% and their three games in hand Vancouver isnt even in first in the div. Trust me, I hope you were right (I had picked Minny), but I agree with Oilboy there, 20 games is too soon.
November 21, 2008 6:47 PM ET | Delete
OilDerek, I know the "they would be nothing without Luongo" comment comes very naturally but you should consider your talking about a team with 63 goals, which ranks them 5th in the league for goals scored.
November 21, 2008 7:19 PM ET | Delete
The 20 game mark of a season is a good time to evaluate where a team is at and to identify any holes that need shoring up. 20 games is enough time to evaluate current talent and it still allows enough time to make changes that will pay dividends in the standings. That being said, to say the Canucks are "headed for a big time year" based on 20 games is a bit of a stretch. You are certainly welcome to you opinion, but this same post after 60 games would be harder to argue against. I would say right now that the race for the Northwest division is between Vancouver and Minnesota. That may change in the weeks to come, but as it stands Calgary is too inconsistent and Edmonton and Colorado just have too many holes to compete. If being in a race for the division title is considered "a big time year", then I agree, but a big time year in my opinion is a deep run into the playoffs, capped off by at least an appearance in the Western Conference Final, something I don't think any team is in a position to predict at this time...except for maybe San Jose...but even they need to avoid injuries and continue their pace for another 62 games.
November 21, 2008 8:36 PM ET | Delete
OilDerek that statement is so idiotic. HE IS THE BEST PLAYER ON OUR TEAM. How would Calgary do without Iginla? Detroit would be worse without Lidstrom. Were about to see how the Devils do without Brodeur. Luongo is considered a top 3 goalie in the league for a reason, he helps the team win games. I drives me crazy how people always say that.
November 22, 2008 1:07 AM ET | Delete
I apologize for offending so many... apparently having a one dimensional team is the in thing this year. If you can sit there and tell me with a straight face that the Canucks would be in the same position with Sanford in between the pipes for 20 then I would not argue that Vancouver has a great "team." Having a great goalie (which I never disputed by the way) is a great luxury... the entire team is afforded a level of freedom that most do not have. All it takes is one tweaked groin or one bruised elbow and that free wheelin' team that you Canuck fans enjoy at the moment will turn... and turn fast. Just my thoughts... we will see in another 20. Cheers!
November 22, 2008 9:54 PM ET | Delete
Well, I walk in the door and what do I see... Luongo has been helped off the ice. Believe me, I don not wish any ill will on any team/plyer ever... (Oiler fans have grown sensative to this issue)... however, this incident does seem fortuitous in this instance. Now we will see what this "team" is really made of. Truly great teams find ways to overcome adversity (ie. an injury to a key player... or in this case, the heart and soul of the franchise). One dimensional teams (as I have suggested), fold up shop in a hurry. I could be wrong... I hope for the sake o Canuck fans that I am.
November 22, 2008 10:27 PM ET | Delete
This thread is the first thing that went through my mind actually. :)With the amazing way the team is playing system wise there is no better time to see what Schnieder can do.Oh and OilDerek I will no longer be responding to your posts as you are clearly jinxed. :)
November 22, 2008 11:02 PM ET | Delete
@OilDerekOne dimensional? If they are only about their goaltending, then how can they have more than 3 goals per game? Compared to about 2.5 by your Oilers. I guess the Oilers don't even have a dimension in them that's good? Well that's 2 games without Luongo they won now, one on a back to back after flying from NY to Minny and another against one of the leagues most prolific scoring teams. Obviously they wouldn't be in the same position with a backup goaltender in net.Would the Oilers be in the same position (9th in the conference is it?) with a goaltender from the ECHL in net? You pay for what you get, a large portion of the canucks salary is invested in Luongo. That doesn't make them one dimensional or mean without Luongo they'd be no where. They obviously have a good team in front of them with one of the better defenses in the league and an above average offense. (3 lines that can score regularly) If they were so bad then they'd be bottom feeding with Luongo in net just like when he was in Florida.Go buy a clue
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