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Look, sports are a business. I don't care how classy Sundin and Kaberle are because they "love their city", or any of the other 17,000 players that seem to have NTCs in the NHL, but what ever happened to a GM being able to manage their team? The NTC gives a player too much leverage. Boo hoo you don't want to be traded, well then, stop sucking! If you want to earn that m...
... and all through the league, there were plenty of rumors, for us to enjoy ... When out of the shadows a blogger appeared, With laptop in hand and opinions to share! Well, with that out of the way ... I figured it would be interesting to evaluate the current Leafs on their contributions and performances so far and gauge whether they should be available in Burke'...
Looking back again at the 2008-09 NHL season, there were a number of players who failed to deliver on fantasy hockey expectations. We'll ignore the situations that were due largely to injuries (Zubov, Brodeur, etc.). That's a topic for another day. These guys tanked unexpectedly and can't blame the medics. Here are the top 11 fantasy disappointments of 08: [b]1. ...


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