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I've done this for 3 years now, with varying success, and mostly do it for entertainment... So flamers fire up your torches! Granted, this is assuming Luke Schenn is signed for the start of the regular season, and banking on the roster staying as-is outside of that, but this is my lineup and predictions for each individual this year. Also, I know I wrote a blog with some predictions regardin... Read More »

10 Random Leafs Predictions

Posted July 29, 2011
I have a few predictions, some realistic, some fun and outlandish, for the Leafs from now till the end of next season. Enjoy! 1) Komisarek is gone, he will be traded. If the asset is a 7th rounder in 2015 I think the Leafs accept, and someone will give up a 5th for this guy in next years draft. 2) Kadri will end up on a line with Kessel and Connolly and have 60 points (45 assists). 3)... Read More »

How do you fix this mess ...

Posted November 14, 2010
With a spot in the bottom 5 league wide freshly secured, the fear of giving up 2 lottery picks to a divisional rival because more of a reality. It also becomes more difficult to right the ship and end the free-fall. The team lacks confidence, can't score consistently, has horribly timed defensive lapses, sporadic weak goals, increasingly ineffective special teams and only 1 win since starting the... Read More »

Individual Leafs Projections

Posted August 27, 2010
I was fairly close to the output I expected from a few players last year, also with a couple that I was somewhat distant on so I'm looking to improve this time around. First I'll start with the lineup as it stands today that could conceivably represent Toronto on opening night, then I'll briefly discuss how wide-open the North East is and then move on to individual Maple Leafs projections.... Read More »
Sure the majority of Leafs fans saw the value of a trade Tomas Kaberle, and dreamed of a top line starring countless players from around the league paired with Kessel and Bozak/Versteeg (depending on said players position), but alas, it wasn't to be, and Kaberle remains a Leaf for another year. Now, the question to be asked, where to the Leafs stand. In my eyes, the Leafs' roster, as far as def... Read More »


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