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The Rangers should claim Avery

Posted March 1, 2009
It's really quite simple. The salary cap (and Sather's spending) has ruined this team for the mid-long term. It would be great if the cap was, I dunno, $70 million, but that's not going to happen in this economy, and with 30 teams. So why Avery? Well, I'm a numbers guy, and Avery's numbers are impressive with his time on the Rangers, both season and post season. [b]2006 - 2007 season[/b]... Read More »
The Rangers have the following picks this year: Round 1: #20 Round 2: #51 Round 3: #75, #81 Round 5: #142 Round 7: #202 The picks from rounds 4 and 6 belong to St. Louis (Backman deal), Los Angeles (Avery deal) and Dallas (Mike Green deal). I've seen all kinds of ranking sites, so this is a bit overwhelming, but let's see who's available in this draft: [b]Nikita Filatov[/b] He's b... Read More »
I think so. He slew-footed Paul Mara as he was going toward the empty net. Watch the video and decide for yourself: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN99_E0tLhg[/url] Let's bust out the NHL rule book: [url]http://www.nhl.com/rules/rule91.html[/url] for reference: d.) Any player who is guilty of "slew-footing" shall be assessed a match penalty. This penalty shall be in accordance... Read More »
Last night, Henrik Lundqvist achieved something spectacular. He earned his 30th win of the season, for the third straight year. What this means is the following: In each of Henrik Lundqvist's first three NHL seasons, he has at least 30 wins. This has not been done since Garden favorite Ron Hextall (37 wins in 86/87, 30 wins in 87/88, and 30 wins in 88/89). To Hextall's credit, he also had... Read More »

The NTC: Worst Thing to Happen to Sports

Posted February 26, 2008
Look, sports are a business. I don't care how classy Sundin and Kaberle are because they "love their city", or any of the other 17,000 players that seem to have NTCs in the NHL, but what ever happened to a GM being able to manage their team? The NTC gives a player too much leverage. Boo hoo you don't want to be traded, well then, stop sucking! If you want to earn that money that is exponentiall... Read More »

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