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Looberlang writes...


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There's a lot of talk about Olli Jokinen coming to Vancouver. I understand the difficulties in making trades with the salary cap etc. However, when a guy of this level is possibly available, Nonis has to do what it takes to get him here. With the way the salaries are going $5.25 mill per year for him is a great bargain. He's 28 and locked up until 2010/11. If this can...
So Marian Hossa has decided to openly announce that his chances of re-signing with the Atlanta Thrashers are "slim". I'm here to tell you that I've had enough. If I'm a general manager and my player openly says something like this, c'est au revoir mon ami! GM's and fans alike don't need this kind of attention around their team. The Thrashers are in the heat of battle fo...
With an unfortunate elimination in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning have a bright future ahead of them, and have much to build on. Looking back at the playoffs, it was no surprise that with a young, inexperiences team, the Lightning would have a tough opponent in the Montreal Canadiens. Although I did believe that the Lightning could...


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