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Posted August 13, 2007
So, the latest rumour of Ohlund/Schneider to Tampa for St.Louis is very tantalizing. My opinion is that Schneider is the “Prince Harry” of the Royal family. He may have royal blood, but he will never be the King, that role is Luongo’s. Although, at least Prince Harry goes to Cowboys! Trade Schneider while his stock is high! Ohlund is sadly on the downside of his career. I love the... Read More »


Posted August 3, 2007
There's a lot of talk about Olli Jokinen coming to Vancouver. I understand the difficulties in making trades with the salary cap etc. However, when a guy of this level is possibly available, Nonis has to do what it takes to get him here. With the way the salaries are going $5.25 mill per year for him is a great bargain. He's 28 and locked up until 2010/11. If this can't happen, I like Ohlund... Read More »


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