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"Look out next year!"
PoCo, BC • Canada • 37 Years Old • Male
... of riches! Over the last 10-15 years, there have been a number of great hockey teams. Detroit, Colorado, Ottawa, Buffalo, New Jersey, Pittsburg, etc etc. The list goes on. All of these teams excelled in a number of areas which is what made them great. Often times, though, it was their excellent offence that masked defensive shortcomings or a great defence that hid suspect goaltending.... Read More »

Class act

Posted April 12, 2007
Last night at the Canucks-Stars game, I saw something that likely didn't show up on the TV coverage or in any post-game media write ups. Late in the game (3rd or 4th OT): The players were all obviously exhausted and both teams were feeling the pressure. Willie Mitchell was clearing the front of the net on a Dallas rush. He gave Niklas Hagman a push off to the side of the net. Hagman fell an... Read More »

Keep it on ice!

Posted April 11, 2007
Ok, Devils and Rangers listen up. We, as northern fans, demand nothing less than a swift and orderly removal of the Lightning and Thrashers from the playoffs! Anything less is unacceptable. Nothing against the fans in Atlanta and TB. I'm sure they are very nice people. It's just that the Cup CAN NOT spend another summer in the South East! It needs to reside in a less tropical climate this... Read More »


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Canucks, Oilers

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Flames, Leafs

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Trevor Linden, Brendan Morrison, Brendan Shanahan, Joe Sakic (when he's not playing the Canucks)

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Chris Chelios, Joe Sakic (when he is playing the Canucks)

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'82 and '94 cup runs

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the stanchion between the second and third panes of glass to the left of the bench.

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