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Drury one of the most clutch?

Posted April 19, 2008
Tonight Chris Drury looked to have scored an icing on the cake goal for the New York Rangers putting them up 4-1 in a series deciding game 5. However, New Jersey didn't die out as it seemed they would, they rallied to come within 1. At 4-3 Dubinsky scored in the empty net to clinch the series and put the Rangers up 5-3 in the game. Also securing Chris Drury's 16th GWG in the playoffs. An unbelivea... Read More »

Edmonton Oilers New Owner!

Posted February 5, 2008
It has just been reported by CTV news here in Edmonton that Daryl Katz has completely bought out the entire EIG that previously owned the Oilers. He also released a statement on how he is very dedicated to doing whatever is best for the team and community including building a world class facility (yay!!). You heard it here first on hockeybuzz kids. Read More »

The Real 'Problem' with the NHL!

Posted January 30, 2008
I hate how everyone always tries to put there finger on whats wrong with the NHL. The problem with the NHL is simple, everyone thinks theres a problem. It is pretty much a gurantee that in a TSN or Sportstnet program they will talk about how they can fix the game, or how they can help the game, or bla bla bla, inevitably dancing around the fact that there must be something wrong or a problem with... Read More »

Pavel proves doubters wrong...

Posted April 13, 2007
Coming off an outstanding performance Pavel Datsyuk had a goal and added an assist as the Wings doused the Flames 4 - 1. People in the media have really written Datsyuk off, but he is out to prove these naysayers wrong. Some belived that Ken Holland made a huge mistake signing the playoff underachiever to a multi-year multi-million dollar deal. However, the game tonight showed that Datsyuk welcome... Read More »
As you all may have heard, for the last 9 consecutive years a 7th place team has defeated the 2nd place team in the playoffs at least 1 time. This year will be no different. Marian Gaborik and Co. should be reguarded as one of the scariest teams in the Western Conference. Their lack of media exposure allows them to fly under the radar for most. However, it cannot be ignored that Gaborik is second... Read More »


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