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I hate how everyone always tries to put there finger on whats wrong with the NHL. The problem with the NHL is simple, everyone thinks theres a problem. It is pretty much a gurantee that in a TSN or Sportstnet program they will talk about how they can fix the game, or how they can help the game, or bla bla bla, inevitably dancing around the fact that there must be something wrong or a problem with the NHL. Contrary to popular belief there is no problem with the NHL. The problem is that everyone thinks there is a problem. The NHL is the greatest game on earth and people need to stop being concerned about what the americans like. Who cares? Why do they need american money so bad when they know that Canadian money could also be had if they expand in Canada, maybe even more! What do americans know anyways, they hate soccer, the #1 sport in the world, they hate hockey #2 sport in the world. What do they like, lets see...Wrestling, Car Races, Golf, Tennis, Football, Baseball.

Whenever someone compares the NHL to the NFL I cringe, do you think the NFL does that? No they could give a rats ass what the NHL does or thinks, its time for the NHL to realize that there is nothing wrong with their game, its great! And they need to cater to their original fans who are devoted to their league. Its just bizarre how everyone tries to fix the game somehow. Its like Luongo said, "if they make the nets bigger, Ill quit. " People always wanna change the game, why can't they just leave it alone?!
January 30, 2008 9:18 AM ET | Delete
A-friggin'-men. The NHL is suffering from the 'Bettman Theory' - change for change's sake. Between the Commish trying to make the game more viewer-friendly and Punishment-Czar Colin Campbell's inconsistency in doling out punishment for irresponsible plays on the ice, the NHL is becoming a joke. Take a look at the game in the 70's...the pucks were the same size and weight, but the equipment was made of leather, not titanium, and the NHL was at the height of its popularity. Goalies had great GAA without the huge pads and gloves that they use today...don't make the nets bigger, just make the pads smaller....
January 30, 2008 9:53 AM ET | Delete
Maybe Stevie Y will be the next Commish. Couldn't be worse than Buttman. When will they finaly get rid of him?!?!?!?!?!?
January 30, 2008 10:50 AM ET | Delete
First off, as an American who LOVES hockey, your rant is pretty ridiculous. First point: Soccer is super gay. Secondly, I do agree that they shouldn't care if Nascar fans watch hockey. I, for one, would rather they DON'T. However, the real problem with the game is that they are once again allowing obstruction, yet they clal one-handed hooking penalties...
January 30, 2008 11:05 AM ET | Delete
The games fine, leave it alone. But the all mighty dollar wants us to have more viewers.
January 30, 2008 2:29 PM ET | Delete
I agree that thinking there's "no problem" is pretty short sighted. The reason soccer is the most popular sport in the world is because it's the cheapest. Anyone in any country can play soccer because it costs about as much to play as tag. The reason the NFL is the most popular in the US, is because it's constantly changing, evolving and improving. It's also spreading out through marketing and expansion. The game does have its problems. Why do you think it went into a lockout?! those problems are starting to arise again in this new CBA, such as an overly strong defensive trap minded game, and overpaying for players. (Thanks Devils) This league is probably heading for another strike if problems are not addressed. And this is through not only players and rules, but also through GMs and coaches. It's a game for fans, and if people don't like it, the game will not survive. Screw catering to the "hard core" fans. The NHL already gets their money. They need to fix the problems to bring in more fans, and expand their sport.
January 30, 2008 4:25 PM ET | Delete
I agree that change for the sake of change is wrong, but I have no problem with changing the game if it's needed. My only problem with the NHL is consistency with penalty calls and suspensions (as mentioned before). I don't care if you are a star or a 4th line bum - if you take someone out with a dirty hit you get the exact same punishment.I am an American and the only thing I love more than hockey is the NFL. I probably only like it more because my dad was too lazy to take me to hockey practice at 5 AM so I never played. I played 15 years of football and wish I could have played more...
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