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Darcy DO IT, Just Do it.

Posted January 20, 2009
[b]What do we all think about these Sabres?[/b] The game as a general manager is complicated for sure. We can all bag on Darcy all we want, but hopefully we can be entertained by the next couple of months. We have a situation though, and hopefully it can be resolved by March 4th. Max and Kotalik both need to be gone. We have to get something in return. I feel that dra... Read More »

The never ending problem.

Posted July 9, 2008
[i]Sabres fans, hockey fans, and all others:[/i] This is my first chance to impress you with my opinions or bore you with my stupidity. UFAs and RFAs will come and go, and that is what you have to expect. It is no fun when its your favorite player (Drury, Grier,...ect.) and some times you just want to get rid of a guy (Kalinin). Its the business and suck it up, thats... Read More »

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