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"Puttin' On The Foil"
The South Of Jersey • United States • 37 Years Old • Male

An Omage to the PRISM Era

Posted July 13, 2007
My first blog. A person smarter than I once claimed that evolution does not produce a better species - it merely produces a different species. EK mentions in his description about himself the joy he felt when he could watch the Flyers on PRISM when he was growing up. I confess I am fully capable of getting nostalgic - but when I read that I did smile a bit because I really think that PRIS... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Philadelphia Flyers, Charlestown Chiefs

Most Hated Teams

Rangers, Sabres, Islanders, and of course the Syracuse Chiefs

Favorite Players

Brian Propp, Tim Kerr, Mark Recchi, and Denis Lemieux

Most Hated Players

Matt Barnaby, Dale Hunter, Claude Lemieux, Ogie Oglethorpe, and Tim McCracken

Best Hockey Memories

Best Goal of All Time - Dave Poulin beats Mario Gosselin - 2 man shorthanded in the 1985 Conference Finals vs. NordiquesBest Fight - The fight that turned me into a fan - still the best - Dave Schultz one-punches John Van Boxmeer. The serial OTT-PHL fight was a winner as well.Best Game I Was There For - Game 6; 1987 Finals Flyers 3 Oilers 2.

My Hockey Teams

Hanson Brothers - 3 Time Champions of CHHN Hockey Pool