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Downie? Hollweg? BS.

Posted January 7, 2008
Can someone please explain to me why we have heard nothing about Hollweg killing Horcoff into the boards the same night Downie punched Blake in the eye? Why have we hear absolutely nothing about the league "investigating" him like they were Downie? Is it because Hollweg doesn't have a record of this stuff? We all know that can't be it. He has a long wrap sheet then Downie. Is it because players li... Read More »

Top 10 Forwards

Posted December 28, 2007
This is just a blog to get fans opinions on who the top 10 forwards are this season. I am not talking based on their age, history, or future potential. Based on simply their play up to this point of the season. Who are your top 10 forwards of the 2007-2008 NHL season? Read More »

Flyers Cap Status 2008/2009

Posted December 23, 2007
[b]2008/2009 [/b] 1) Briere (6.500) [i]through 14/15 UFA[/i] 2) Richards (5.750) [i]through 19/20 UFA[/i] 3) Gagne (5.250) [i]through 10/11 UFA[/i] 4) Hartnell (4.200) [i]through 12/13 UFA[/i] 5) Knuble (2.800) [i]through 08/09 UFA[/i] 6) Lupul (2.312) [i]through 08/09 RFA[/i] 7) Kapanen (1.250) [i]through 08/09 UFA[/i] 8) Upshall... Read More »

Flyers cap issues?

Posted December 17, 2007
2008/2009 (based on www.nhlnumbers.com) 1) Briere- 6.500 2) Richards- 5.750 3) Gagne- 5.250 4) Hartnell- 4.088 [b]5) Knuble- 2.80[/b] 6) Lupul- 2.312 [b]7) Kapanen- 1.250[/b] 8) Upshall- 1.225 9) Tolpecko- .400 1) Timonen- 6.333 [b]2) Hatcher- 3.500[/b] 3) Coburn- 1.300 4) Kukkonen- .875 1) Biron- 3.50 2) Nitty- 1.225 Total- 46.305 The current RFA and FA are as follows..... Read More »

The Hated Flyers

Posted December 12, 2007
It has been clear that the Flyers are simply hated around the league, but last nights game completely sealed the deal for me. The VS announcers of the game were 100% biased to the Penguins. The hit Eager has on big bad George was 100% legal, he came in with his arms but Laraque had his one arm up and Eager actually came up underneath Laraques arm and drove his own arm into his head. There was noth... Read More »

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