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The Butterfly effect

Posted September 24, 2007
How many times have we heard from the uninformed talk about how Vancouver is a one-man show? Suggestions abound that the only difference between missing the playoffs and winning the conference and bowing out in the second round to the eventual cup champions was the addition of Roberto Luongo. That kind of talk only makes me laugh at the Flames Fan from whose mouth those kinds of comments tend to e... Read More »

Montreal's Goaltending issues

Posted June 9, 2007
"A wealth of riches" That is a quote from Darren Dreger of TSN. I wonder if Darren thinks it is possible to have too much money or too many friends? Difficult to think Boo-hoo for the poor Hab's Fans but the sudden attention to Carey Price and the desire to bring him up more quickly than originally anticipated creates a conundrum for the Habs and their faithful. The problem is that Huet and Hal... Read More »