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"A wealth of riches"
That is a quote from Darren Dreger of TSN. I wonder if Darren thinks it is possible to have too much money or too many friends?
Difficult to think Boo-hoo for the poor Hab's Fans but the sudden attention to Carey Price and the desire to bring him up more quickly than originally anticipated creates a conundrum for the Habs and their faithful.
The problem is that Huet and Halak are still relatively unknown commodities. Except for a small stumble last fall Huet has been "lights out" since his emergence at the 2/3rds mark in the 05-06 season right up until his injury last season. Halak turned the 'lost season' into the 'almost not-lost season' with his strong play. Are either of these guys capable of being a true #1 goalie for a full NHL season... Is Price?
The answer is that all three just might be and there are NHL teams with goaltending scenarios that would thrust any and all of these Guys into a starting role from game one of the 07/08 season.
For whatever my opinion is worth I say give both Huet & Halak a shot at number one but ensure that they both have enough opportunity to shine as trade bait then move one and bring up Price to see some "NHL pine" as a back up. By that time many of the aforementioned "Goalie challenged" teams will be hungry for a trade. Maybe it will be Tampa and we can talk about one of the "big three" - hey a boy can dream can't he?
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June 9, 2007 4:25 PM ET | Delete
Do you think we can get one of them out of Tampa without giving up Price?
June 9, 2007 4:25 PM ET | Delete
I completely agree that the Habs should stick with Huet and Halak for next season. No need to rush Price, especially when Huet has been playing so well. Its highly unlikely that Tampa will be trading any of the "big three", especially for an unheralded goalie like Huet.
June 9, 2007 5:17 PM ET | Delete
Well one of the big three is defiantly a "dream" but who knows how desperate Tampa might be. Right now they are pinning their hopes on Holmquist. I also think that if Huet can put in half a season at the level he has proven he can play then he becomes as, if not more, valuable than an un-NHL tested Price.
June 9, 2007 8:01 PM ET | Delete
What doesn't make sense to me is...if Huet is having a great season next year, then obviously the Habs would be looking to qualify for the playoffs. They won't trade Huet mid-season if they're gunning for the Cup. If the Habs are having a poor season, you can imagine that Huet is not having a great season either - seriously diminshing his trade value. So I guess that leaves the Canadiens in a spot where, A.) they trade Huet now while his stock is at its highest and go with Halak and Price (or sign a cheap veteran to pair with one of them), or B.) hang on to Huet and hope for a good playoff run next season, and keep Price in Hamilton.
June 10, 2007 2:17 AM ET | Delete
Nordic05, Price has more trade value than Huet. He may be the best goaltending prospect since Roberto Luongo.
June 10, 2007 4:17 PM ET | Delete
I agree Loaf, however, the key word in there is "prospect".If Huet can pick up where he left off then he will be fully confirmed. Price hasn't proven anything at the NHL.... yet.I sure hope he lives up to the hype but he would not be the first if he failed.
June 11, 2007 1:44 AM ET | Delete
Fine. If you're a team like the Lightning, who would you rather trade for? My point is that Price has a higher trade value. And after watching Price this year, I'm pretty convinced he won't be a flame-out. I haven't been this excited for a Habs prospect since...well, ever. Granted, I'm only 24, but still...
June 11, 2007 7:12 PM ET | Delete
I would say Price is the only goalie that has trade value. Huet is good but hasn't proved much yet and Halak played well at the end of the season but had a high GAA. The issue is supply. Giguere is a UFA, and if he signs in ANH, Bryzgalov will be available. SJ is shoping Toskala, OTT Gerber, TB Denis, MIN Fernandez. I would love to see MTL trade Huet AND Halak, go with Price as their starter (trial by fire) and sign a guy like Boucher or Joseph as a backup (I'm assuming you could get either for $750K-$1M as UFAs). However, I don't think you'll get much for either H, so MTL should probably let Price play a full year in Hamilton and hope Huet
June 11, 2007 7:13 PM ET | Delete
hope Huet
June 11, 2007 7:13 PM ET | Delete
hope Huet
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