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"Sabres Today, Flyers Tomorrow"
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Why Briere will become a Flyer

Posted June 27, 2007
Speculating on free agency is a lot of fun. Trying to get into the minds of Gm's , players, and agents is what we are all trying to do, but once the player hits the open market, if he has any value, HE ultimately determines where he is going to go. This is why I feel Danny Briere will be a Flyer: [b]Reason #1: Philly has the need and the money[/b] Since speculation on who will be in Flyer u... Read More »
I was doing great watching the games downstairs (On the nice TV). Although the Pens vs. Sens early match up wasn't what I thought it would be, the later games really were starting to heat up. I was riveted by the Sharks vs. Preds game late in the 3rd period. I was thrilled when my old buddy J.P. Dumont tied the game to send to overtime. WOW! Funny, because it almost seemed like all the Preds... Read More »

Wachovia Center Experience

Posted April 11, 2007
I was at my first Wachovia Center Flyers games this weekend. What a great venue for hockey! Even though the Flyers were out of it, the fans were relativley high spirited. The Saturday game against the Islanders was a stinker for 55 minutes, but Finnegan's Wake took my mind off of it. Sunday against the Sabres was more fun. The fans and the game were very entertaining. Can't wait till next ye... Read More »

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NEW: Flyers!, Sabres, Bruins

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LEAFS!, Habs, Sens, (formerly, the Flyers)

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Biron Brothers, J.P. DuMont, Jason Pomminville, Danny Briere

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Chris Neil, Wade Belak, TUCKER!,

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Sabres Cup run in 1999.... (except Game 6 robbery)

As a hockey player, I compare to...

The guy in the upper deck on his 5th beer

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www.leadtheory.com, www.buffalorising.com, www.buffalobreath.com