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Is the New NHL CBA Still Broken?

Posted July 10, 2008
http://flyerflies.com/blog/?p=171 Al Strachan of FoxSports.com has published a blistering criteria of the NHL's current financial status today, declaring that the NHL is still destroying itself from the inside out. This comes in the wake of a disappointingly bloated 2008 free agent market in which a number of high and mid-level players seemed to get far more in their new contracts than market... Read More »
http://flyerflies.com/main/recaps/07-08/07-11-02.html Before the opening of the regular season, Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Stevens decided to give the alternate captain title to 3rd year center Mike Richards. Stevens is certainly not regretting that decision early in the Flyers season. Richards brought the Flyers out of a 1st period funk by winning a fight and scoring a goal,... Read More »
http://flyerflies.com/blogs/The_FlyerFly/?p=26 Outrage. Disgust. Disappointment. Pick any other similar adjective and slap it into a description of how alot of hockey fans are feeling toward the Philadelphia Flyers these days. You will probably get alot of people to subscribe to that way of thinking. Why? Of course, it has to do with the recent rash of ugly hits that have been dealt ou... Read More »
Through the first 8 games of the season, Kimmo Timonen has been the solid defensive presence the Flyers hoped for when he was acquired just ahead of the opening of free agency. But it's safe to say that Timonen wishes he had this one game back. A late miscue in his own zone led to an errant pass attempt to Danny Briere and a turnover that eventually ended up in the Flyers' net, and solidified a... Read More »
All good things must come to an end, even the Philadelphia Flyers 5 game winning streak. But the Flyers had to try to defend that streak largely without the services of star forward Simon Gagne. The Flyers began their season-long 8 game road trip by visiting the Florida Panthers, but Olie Jokinen and Gregory Campbell made sure that the Flyers did not continue their winning ways or start their ea... Read More »