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Nameless Prospects?

Posted March 5, 2014
It's trade deadline 2014 as you know. And I've noticed something in all of the discussions here on HockeyBuzz about the fans and seemingly the GM's too. Nobody wants to trade their prospects. When some fan suggests a potential trade with another team that involves any of their prospects (especially their top prospects), fans from the other team immediately reply both with laughter and some... Read More »
Many users have already written about the Scott/Kessel ordeal, here are some of the most important facts to keep in mind before stating your opinion on the matter: - Scott was on the ice already during the Tropp fight and stayed on the ice - Carlyle put Kessel out on the ice, knowing Scott was already out there - Scott was going to fight whoever was put next to him, be it Kessel,... Read More »


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