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"Go Flames Go!"
Okotoks, AB • Canada •
Skipping the pleasantries: [b]Eastern Conference[/b] 1. Boston 2. Philadelphia 3. Washington 4. Pittsburgh 5. Carolina 6. New Jersey 7. Montreal 8. NY Rangers 9. Tampa Bay 10. Toronto 11. Buffalo 12. Ottawa 13. Florida 14. Atlanta 15. NY Islanders [b] Western Conference[/b] 1. San Jose 2. Detroit 3. Calgary 4. Vancouver 5. Chicago 6. Anaheim 7. St. Louis 8. Dall... Read More »

2nd Round Predictions

Posted April 29, 2009
So I was 7 for 8 in 1st round predictions (Sharks....tsk tsk tsk). Not only did they screw up my predictions but my playoff pools are done! On to Round 2: [b]Boston (1) vs. Carolina (6) -[/b] This will be a great series. I like Carolina but Boston, after disposing of the Canadiens in 4 straight are riding high with confidence - I'll go [b]Bruins in 6[/b]. [b]Washington (2) vs. Pittsburg... Read More »

Round 1 Predictions...

Posted April 13, 2009
I know, everyone and their mother (or in some cases, dog) have predictions but here we go anyway: [b][u]Eastern Conference[/u] [/b] [b]Boston vs. Montreal[/b] - Boston will ride Timmy Thomas as long as they can - Bruins in 6 [b]Washington vs. New York Rangers[/b] - Alex the Great and that cannon from Greene on the point should carry them - Caps in 5 [b]New Jersey vs. Carolina[/b] - Upset in... Read More »
I know, I know, everyone and their dog is doing predictions (although Bert is quite good at it I hear)...here goes more Western Conference 1. Detroit 2. San Jose 3. Calgary 4. Anaheim 5. Dallas 6. Chicago 7. Minnesota 8. Edmonton 9. Colorado 10. Columbus 11. Vancouver 12. Phoenix 13. St. Louis 14. Nashville 15. Los Angeles Eastern Conference 1. Montreal 2. Pittsburgh 3.... Read More »

Fearsome, Frustrated Flames Fanatic

Posted March 13, 2008
Alliteration is the key to any good blog title and I hope it caught your eye. I often wonder what it would be like to be a Detroit Red Wing fan. They coast along in the regular season, amassing winning streaks and distancing themselves from the rest of the conference. Really, a Red Wings fan never has to worry. Those of them that show up to the games are really going to see how big of a beat... Read More »

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Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings

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Joe Sakic, Stephane Yelle, Rene Bourque

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Fernando Pisani, Jarko Ruutu

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Stanley Cup Finals 2004, getting a ticket to see Flames-Lightning in Game 3 and Flames win!

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Just a twice-a-week scrimmage with the guys from work

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Stephane Yelle

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