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Re-thinking Ryder

Posted August 30, 2007
I know many Habs fans want to trade Ryder asap and I am not sure I'm unwilling to trade him for the right piece of the puzzle, but consider the following before we ship him off to become a star somewhere else. From the Habs official site: MONTREAL - The natural goal scorer. Feared by goaltenders, revered by GMs across the NHL, Michael Ryder has earned his stripes as one of the game's top s... Read More »

Welcome back Patrice Brisebois...

Posted August 3, 2007
Before I even start, I know that most Habs fans HATE the fact that Gainey is signing Brisebois... I'm not one of those. I am actually excited to have him back and think he could be a great asset for our team. Patrice was chased out of Montreal by the fans and the media, and it was not pretty, that is a fact. However, his homecoming could be better than most expect. Here's why: 1. The mos... Read More »
Since becoming a STH I have been in the chat prettttty much everyday and it never gets old! Whether the talk is about hockey or vacation, it is alot of fun! The people in the chat are great and very helpful to someone who is new to the site. I have had the season ticket for 3+ months now and have loved every minute of it! There is really a collection of great minds on this site, even if they l... Read More »

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