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Blackhawks Season-Ticket Holder ALERT!

Posted December 11, 2008
First, I apologize for the lateness of this short but important blog. Yesterday, I went straight from work to United Centre, and this is the first chance I've had to get in front of a computer. Anyway... If you're a season-ticket holder planning to stay at the Hilton for the convention this summer, you DO NOT have to wait until 9:00 this morning to reserve your room. Here's the story: A... Read More »

Blackhawks Homecoming Talk

Posted November 29, 2008
True, the Blackhawks still have one game left, this afternoon against the Kings. Regardless of the outcome, this will have been the most successful "Circus Trip" in years. Here's your fun fact for the day: If the Hawks win this afternoon, they will have exceeded the points they picked up during the last two "Circus Trips" - combined! Here's how it's played out: 2005 - 2006 > 4 points (only... Read More »

Great Time to Be a Hawks Fan?

Posted November 23, 2008
Ninety percent of my fellow red-and-black bleeders, I think, would agree with that. Still, there's this bizarre contingent growing in ChiTown that insists on acting like Paris Hilton on a date to Old Country Buffet. They kept lobbying for home games on TV, now they want more games on WGN and the blackout lifted on Centre Ice. For years, they pined for the return of Pat Foley, now they complain... Read More »
Let me make sure I've got this straight: Adam Proteau accuses Ed Snider and the NHL of exploiting a high-profile event for political platforms and partisan politics... And then exploits his position as an NHL columnist to excoriate Sarah Palin and the Republican party? Let me state this again, because I need to see this in front of me, in print, twice, just to make sure I'm not in some al... Read More »

Blackhawks Raise the Bar

Posted October 10, 2008
Last night, Hawk Nation endured the spectacle of the Red Wings and Def Leppard cavorting with the Cup. Today is a new day, last season is now officially declared over, it is time to drop the puck. Here come the 2009 Hawks. Here's hoping "One Goal" doesn't become a snarky Comcast Sports Night tag line for our offense. So...from the perspective of a season-ticket holder raving from the last... Read More »


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