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Oh how Swede it is!

Posted February 10, 2012
Ever since the Canucks drafted Henrik and Daniel Sedin in the 1999 entry draft, people knew that then GM Brian Burke had drafted two kids who were one day gonna be special players in this league offensively, and that they were. In the first few years of their NHL careers, fans, media and NHL analysts across North America weren't seeing what was previously advertised. In the years that followed, wh... Read More »

Canucks hitting snooze

Posted February 6, 2012
Canucks Hitting Snooze Posted by BrowntoBure, Feb 06, 2012 ยท 35 views We're just now entering what are known as 'the dog days' of the NHL season, but for the Vancouver Canucks it seems to have started much earlier this year. At first glance at the standings you may think that is just a typical Vancouverite looking for something to complain about, but when you dwell a little deepe... Read More »

The Nhl Allstar Game

Posted January 28, 2012
For years now people have been complaining that the NHL Allstar game has worn out is luster and that it needs to go. With players seemingly opting out any chance they get and the much maligned fact that it does not resemble a real NHL game, it's a fair take. I for one though believe that it's much ado about nothing. When i was growing up I always tuned in to see the Skills Competition and All... Read More »

Thomas plays one inside the no-go zone

Posted January 23, 2012
"I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People." "This was not about politics" Really Tim? If it's not about politics then what exactly were you talking about in the first quote, in which you defended your decision to not show up to the white house with your fellow teammates? If it's not about politics is it possib... Read More »

The Boston Tear Party

Posted January 9, 2012
Boston. Beantown, Hub, The Walking City. So many cute nicknames these arrogant Chowd's have for their city, but everyone knows the best nicknames aren't given to ones self, but rather thrust upon you by others. Allow me to introduce to you, Boston, The Centre For Mass Hypocrisy. Our blue collared, working class heroes to the east have thrown quite the party the past few days, but this one has... Read More »


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