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The Boston Tear Party

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Beantown, Hub, The Walking City.
So many cute nicknames these arrogant Chowd's have for their city, but everyone knows the best nicknames aren't given to ones self, but rather thrust upon you by others. Allow me to introduce to you, Boston, The Centre For Mass Hypocrisy.
Our blue collared, working class heroes to the east have thrown quite the party the past few days, but this one has nothing to do with tea, championships or a fresh new shipment of that piss water affectionately known as Sam Adams. This extravagant blowout is centred around self pity and utter garbage, which is right on point if you've ever set foot in Boston.

The Boston Bruins to put it quite simply are that high school bully that we all know and loathe, who likes to pick on the little guy day after day, but what happens when the little guy pushes back?

Well, in this case it would seem this bully has chosen to cower in the corner and wallow in self pity.

The Bruins have been applauded for the past few years for their "old time hockey" and "team toughness". While the Vancouver Canucks have been looked down upon as "gutless". Boston loves to start a scrum after every whistle, throw punches and come to the aid of any team mate who gets into it, and are cheered league wide for doing so, but when the Canucks do it they are "cowards" why is that?

Last year in the Stanley Cup Finals Aaron Rome delivered an arguably late open ice hit to Nathan Horton that put him out for the series with a concussion. In the ensuing two days we heard nothing but complaining and cries for justice, which naturally was a call heard by the NHL as Rome received a four game suspension.

Fast forward to the game Saturday morning where notorious rat and cheap shot artist Brad Marchand low-bridged Sami Salo with a shot to the knee that sent Salo flipping head over heels and could have ended his career, subsequently sidelining him with a concussion.

The Bruins, their uninformed media, head coach Claude Julien and general manager Peter Chiarelli then waged a full scale propaganda war trying to convince everyone who would listen, and maybe even themselves that Brad Marchand was just protecting himself from the big bad Sami Salo... Who to my knowledge has never been suspended in his 15 year career.
They also had the audacity to imply that the Canucks were fabricating the news that Salo suffered a concussion on the play in the hopes that Marchand would be handed a lengthier suspension. Something they also did last April when Bruins thug Zdeno Chara nearly killed Max Pacioretti of the Montreal Canadiens by running him face first into the stanchion.

Also keep in mind that this is the same franchise who employ Marc Savard who suffered a career ending concussion at the hands of Matt Cooke. It shouldn't be hard though considering the Bruins are still perfectly able and willing to remind us of this fact at every turn.

Late Monday afternoon NHL league disciplinarian released a statement citing that Marchand was being suspended five games for delivering "a predatory hit."

Shortly after Peter Chiarelli offered up this gem:

"Brad sought the counsel of the Department this past fall for an explanation and clarification regarding this type of scenario so as to adjust his game if necessary. He was advised that such an incident was not sanctionable if he was protecting his own safety. Given our feeling that Brad was indeed protecting himself and certainly did not clip the player as he contacted the player nowhere near the knee or quadricep, today’s ruling is not consistent with what the Department of Player Safety communicated to Brad."

Nobody outside of Boston is buying this nonsense, and quite frankly it's a slap in the face to hockey fans everywhere to even imply this kind of drivel.

Not so nice when that pendulum swings full circle and you reap what you sow is it Boston?
If you are going to play the way you do, go ahead and do it, hell stand by it till the cows come home. But please, for the love of god, learn how to take what you have been dishing out for years.
I am not the first and certainly will not be the last to suggest that you clowns shut up, quit your crying, take your ball and go home.
See you in June.

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