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Phil a del phia, PA • United States • 2011 Years Old • Male
they showed the 99 flyers leafs series on nhl network last nite. kinda where the hatred started between the two teams. the call on leclair was definitely a penalty. but you don't call it in the deciding game with 2 to go. it was a weak way to end a series. the flyers should have had the opportunity bowing out like men and playing the last 2 hockey minutes of the season. anyhow... the region... Read More »

How Soon Penguins Fans Forget...

Posted December 12, 2007
...the 8-2 blowout last year by the Penguins where Sidney Crosby had his hat trick. or the 8-4 beating we took where Crosby had 1 goal and 5 assists. so we can clamor over stevens sending out the #1 PP at the end of the game, but the penguins deserved what they got as soon they started messing with our goaltender. what stevens did was in retaliation to that. this argument needs to go n... Read More »

Luongo Gets a Shutout? Why?

Posted November 15, 2007
Can some please explain to me why Roberto Luongo gets credit for a shutout in a 1-0 shootout loss? I am totally bitter this morning. This week I am going against the guy i traded Lecavalier to and his 5 points last night (joke is on me), but Luongo is getting shutout points for a 1-0 loss? Kinda chaps me up here. Can someone explain why this is? It is even confirmed on nhl.com. Read More »

Riley Cote Must Go...

Posted October 26, 2007
...i didn't happen to find the knuble penalty as influential on the game as the riley cote holding penalty. cote, and all 4:01 of playing time, decided it necessary that he go aggressively into the offensive corner and make an impact on the game. leaving his brain most likely somewhere in philadelphia, took a terrible penalty while the team had momentum, but was unfortunately already down 2-1.... Read More »

hey canada...

Posted October 11, 2007
...i understand that certain flyers players have been taking liberties with your canadian teams' players. but lets not fly off the handle this time around like with the downie incident. campbell needs to address this just like he did downie and give him the 20 game 'benchmark' suspension. but just remember, when chris neil, ryan malone or darcy tucker take to dropping the hips to take someone... Read More »