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Phil a del phia, PA • United States • 2011 Years Old • Male
they showed the 99 flyers leafs series on nhl network last nite. kinda where the hatred started between the two teams. the call on leclair was definitely a penalty. but you don't call it in the deciding game with 2 to go. it was a weak way to end a series. the flyers should have had the opportunity bowing out like men and playing the last 2 hockey minutes of the season.


the region of toronto really loves themselves some hockey. but the media is simply spoon feeding the negativity and drama to a ready and ravenous fan base. not a great combo in the hotbed of all hockey.

the BEST thing for toronto would actually be to add an expansion team to hamilton and add a new hockey perspective to the area. yeah yeah yeah. i know. radical thinking.

but think about it. its almost like there are too many leafs fans. too much media. and a 'group' of owners no less. how is a team supposed to fly under the radar and get a few years of rebuilding in why the patient and passionate fans (any team's REAL fan base) look on to the future in a state of content. but the split itself in the immense fan base is right down the middle. there is no other outlet to vent. its aimed in one direction constantly. its needs an additional outlet. it needs something fresh and exciting. it needs a team in hamilton.

oh yes. the leafs organization would lose money. there might even be a riot. but the negatives are definitely clouding the positive view.

the region would embrace the addition of an additional team. after a couple years with great rivaled and passionate hockey practically sharing the same playground. leafs bars. hamilton bars. fans all intermingled in the same cities and towns. it would be a beautiful site in my opinion. and NO DOUBT the mecca of all hockey. debates by anyone saying otherwise would simply sound silly.

but nah. the negativity and criticism are so prevalent, that such a change would be viewed as too risky or radical under such conditions by the 'group' of ownership. its simply a concept larger that the micromanaged leafs organization is ready to witness.

they wouldnt get it.
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January 10, 2008 4:39 PM ET | Delete
i say bring it. Hamilton will take many fed up leaf fans. Attendance at the ACC might go down, therefore making MLSE finally respond
January 11, 2008 1:46 AM ET | Delete
Do it. It's the best for ALL parties involved. The league gets stronger for having another strong market, there is an intense rivalry between the teams which generates more media coverage... I think it could bring nothing but good.
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