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So the Winnipeg Sun has gone ahead and predicted that the Jets WILL in fact make the playoffs. They have stated that the team will go 21-8-3 after the All-Star break to reach the neccessary point total.

I am not sure what the hell they are trying to do, but I know I don't like it.

The city already has fallen in love with this group of players (save Evander Kane), so there is absolutely no reason to feed the public this kind of drivel. Any thoughts of this team making the playoffs should be quickly replaced with other fallacies like the Tooth Fairy is real and that Elvis is still alive.

Why give hope to the adoring fan base ? It makes no sense whatsoever. I suppose Edmonton will make it too by going undefeated.

The last thing the public needs right now is false hope. Yes the Jets are 5 points out of 8th. The trouble is......5 points is actually a monstrous hurdle.

I will be interested to see what happens after this team loses 4 of their next 6 games. What will the headlines read then ?

What this fan base needs is honesty. They need the pundits to come out and say this team is clearly not good enough to be in the dance. They need to also be told how much better off they would be by going 6-22-4. This would assure them a much better lottery pick and with it the possibility of drafting a player who might cure the scoring woes of a team that has no offensive talent. I am hoping for 2-30....but I have to be realistic.

There is no down side to telling the truth here. If you are wrong and the team DOES somehow go 21-8-3, the public will just be happy that you were so wrong. To give them hope when there clearly is none is just going to bring false hope and expectations.

Neither of which are needed at this time.
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