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This will be quick, no reasons just won wins and in how many. Montreal over Boston in 5 Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 6 Washington over Philly in 6 NYR over New Jersey in 7 Detroit over Nashville in 5 San Jose over Calgary in 6 Colorado over Minnesota in 7 Anaheim over Dallas in 5 Read More »
Let's face facts Sabre Nation, the boys in the suits are not going to spend to the cap next year and it seems very possible they actually spend less then last year. That is why it is virtulally impossible to keep both Drury and Briere. That being said here is what I think the roster could look like next season. This involves letting Briere and Zubrus walk, not offering Numminen a contract and find... Read More »

Take Your Pick

Posted April 11, 2007
The best time of the year has arrived. PLAYOFF HOCKEY!! Every night for the next two months players will be diving in front of 90 mph slap shots, banging in the corner with people 50 pounds heavier than they are and scoring huge goals that they and their fans will not soon forget. Take a deep breathe, stock the fridge with some adult beverages and enjoy the ride. Predicting these outcomes is... Read More »

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