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BIG week full of BIG games!

Posted November 5, 2007
The schedule for the flyers this week is ROUGH. Tonight they have the the Rangers away, Wednesday Pitt away, Thursday Devils away and Saturday Pitt at home. These are enormous games... (even though it is only november). These divisional games are worth 4 points and more that that they are a chance for our VENGEANCE. Last year was embarrasing. We lost games, season series.. and our dignity. Th... Read More »

Flyers v Bruins and the men in stripes

Posted October 27, 2007
I have finally come to accept the "new nhl" rules.... I'm ok with it. The penalties in a game are always going to be second guessed... but the only thing i ask is that they call te same play for both teams... if the call the game even then fine. The thing that shocks me is how much the penalties are changing from game to game. Thursday night against Tampa, i thought that the men in stripes were... Read More »

UFA's, RFA's, rookies, oh my!

Posted May 24, 2007
There has been much speculation on what the Flyers and in particularly Paul Holmgren himself, have up their sleeves this summer. Most Flyers fans don't have a running count down to the draft of June 22nd, but ask them when free agency starts... and they'll tell you... 36 days, 7 hours and 11 minutes. With the Flyers connecting their names and interests to players like Timmonen, Briere, Gomez, an... Read More »

An Empty Spring

Posted April 11, 2007
For the first time in years... For the first time ever, the Wachovia center will be without the thrill and rush that is Flyers playoff hockey. It truly is a sad spring in the Philadelphia area. If anything it makes me appreciate just how good we've been for the past 12+ years. The one thing that makes me excited for next fall is not the core of young guys, or the solidified #1 goaltender. The on... Read More »