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Posted April 15, 2009
As we have moved through the season, I've had an eye toward the playoffs with my Flyers and have noticed a few shortcomings which I felt would prevent them from being able to get out of the conference to challenge for the Stanley Cup to be real contenders; [i]not [/i]pretenders as they are now. Don't get me wrong. Coming off of a season where the home team couldn't even achieve a meager 60 poi... Read More »
the flyers are getting to the point where they may be sellers with a couple more losses. that's something that will infuriate the fan base all the way up to lukko & snider. there have been so many must games that the term has no meaning any more. [b]this streak and the flyers play of late feels eerily like last yrs futility. [/b] ...OK...now for the part that will get me ripped to shreds.... Read More »

Rating the Chart for Flyers Fans

Posted April 28, 2007
Here is my recap of the current chart listings for UFAs: [b]sim[/b]- no, can't skate, inconsistent effort [b]laaksanen[/b]- no- I'd rather have the uncle [b]gelinas[/b]- no- too old to help a team that probably won't make the playoffs. waste of $$ [b]white[/b]- maybe [i]if [/i]he is a good f/o man, but he looks like marty murray redux [b]markov[/b]- probably not going to happen, but yes [b... Read More »