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"A flute without holes, is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a Danish. "
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He had an appendectomy last night. I can't imagine he'll be back for the first round, if at all in the playoffs. Huge blow for Minny as he is our best, most steady defensive defenseman. http://ww3.startribune.com/blogs/wildblog/2008/04/07/schultz-undergoes-appendectomy-status-unknown/#comment-122106 Read More »

A Visit With Norm Green

Posted February 20, 2008
Minnesotan hockey fans have the Boogeyman, Derek Boogaard, but there is another boogeyman that haunts their dreams: Norm Green. The man that cut Minnesotan's claim to be the most savvy, passionate, Canadian-like hockey fans in America down a peg or two by moving the North Stars/Stars to Dallas (where they ultimately won the Cup that had eluded Minnesotans for so many years) has not stepped foot... Read More »

Hyping the Hype

Posted May 9, 2007
The Conference Finals are upon us! In the Eastern Conference we have the Very Goods against the Also Very Goods, with the Very Goods having home ice advantage. Both teams are mighty on offense, with the Very Goods in particular having great depth in the forward ranks. The Also Very Goods have a staunch blueline corps, and look to impart big misery on the marauding, bearded band of would-be... Read More »
So I was recently in Dallas for the first time (I'd been through the airport before, but I hadn't spent any time on the ground) and took in a Stars game. I felt pretty strange going to the game, to tell you the truth. Like I was somehow betraying my childhood. You see, I grew up in Minnesota with the North Stars. When you grow up in Minnesota you follow hockey. End of story. Because it's perma... Read More »

Lucky Lunch - Take 4 redux

Posted April 19, 2007
Will consistency bring continued gastric glory or will a repeat sandwich usher in the off-season? Games 1-3 Main courses: DOESN'T MATTER Results: DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT Game 4 Main course: Italian cold cut sandwich, Doritos, Sprite Result: 5-1* win for the Wild Game 5 Had this one on stand-by since the final horn on Tuesday night. Italian cold cut sandwich, Samantha's... Read More »