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HELLLLLLLLLLLO ladies and gentlemen. The 2015 NHL entry draft is over and the Edmonton Oilers made some impressive moves which included bringing in a former 4th overall all pick. Edmonton also traded for a goalie... Fuhr?. Oh not Fuhr... Never mind. But we'll get to who will be Edmonton's new number on goalie later! So Edmonton's previous season was quite lackluster finishing in third last. B... Read More »

Oilers Offseason: Defense

Posted June 26, 2015
After Tambolini practically destroyed the team and MacTavish didn't help to make it better at, Edmonton's defense sucks. If I were the GM, these would be the moves I would make that in my opinion, would make the Edmonton Oilers better. The previous blog I wrote about potential forward signings the Edmonton Oilers could have this offseason and free agents that I would target if I were the GM. Pr... Read More »

Oilers offseason: Forwards

Posted June 11, 2015
This entire blog will be split into three: Forward, Defense and Goaltending. This blog will be about Edmonton's forwards. In this blog I will be keeping track of Edmonton's cap salary remaining. Without signing anyone this yet, Edmonton is at 18 million remaining. Last season Edmonton had one of worst centre depth. This season it looks like they may have on of the best (on paper anyways). T... Read More »

Edmonton's recent changes

Posted January 6, 2015
In the last week, MacTavish has made a couple of moves, yet the Edmonton Oilers record this season is 9-22-9. Nineteen of those losses have been lost by only one goal. Since Todd Nelson has taken over the bench, the Oilers have gone 2-3-4 in nine games. Not great, but acceptable. Since the 4-1 lose to Calgary, Edmonton’s record is 2-0-2. A .750 point percentage. Compared to Eakins, Nelson has be... Read More »

Eakins is fired! Plan the parade!!!

Posted December 15, 2014
Do not plan the parade. One cannot blame Eakins on all of Edmonton's losses for the past two seasons. It's as much the players fault as it is Eakins' fault. With all the skill Edmonton has up front, one would not expect the Oilers to be shutout 4 times in 31 games; or to lose 14 of their 15 games, including an 11 games losing streak. As bad as Eakins record showed (36-63-14) he still had so... Read More »


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