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Enough is enough

Posted November 21, 2014
Yet again, The Toronto Maple Leafs were horded by an overwhelming force of reporters. And, yet again, the reporters attacked the leafs with questions about something they did wrong. However, this time, the leafs faced the media force after a solid 5-2 victory over a significantly stronger Lightning team. So, what did they do wrong this time you ask? They didnt raise their sticks to salute th... Read More »

An all too familiar feeling...

Posted January 22, 2014
Don't look now but the Toronto Maple leafs are on a six game winning streak, and they have won six of their last 10 games. But doesn't this feel like the leafs from the beginning of the season? The leafs got out shot again yet they still won. That being said, the leafs have drastically improved since their struggles before this streak, but you got to ask is this leaf team bound to collapse again o... Read More »


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