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While most fans in Leaf Nation are of the -- how to I put this softly? -- insane kind, they do finally have something to cheer about. And not necessarily on the scoreboard. There have been some really good performances of late. I am a big fan, wear my "leaf" on my sleave (and love givin' it to the Sens fans in the office) but I am realistic. Luke Schenn really is the "real deal". There was... Read More »

Gary Roberts for Playoff MVP

Posted April 11, 2007
Moves at the trade deadline are always hard to evaluate. Most think that Nashville got fleeced with the Forsberg trade. And Ryan Smyth to the Island may have been the missing piece that vaulted them into the playoffs. And where was John Ferguson? Prying Yannic Perreault from Pheonix. I just don't get it. The thing the Leafs was missing was heart. Looking down the stretch, they played some p... Read More »


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