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response to ajm7719's

Posted March 27, 2013
This is a response to this blog, by hockeybuzzard, ajm7719 that appears at:[url]http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=172130&post_id=14654[/url]..................................................ajm, this is a fairly good take on the areas you covered. I agree with being patient with the young talent and trying to land a solid offensive d man. Meszaros has been disappointing, but when... Read More »
If you go and review film and or notice while watching the games, you'll see that Jeff Carter is cleary more effective offensively when working from the left side versus the right. If you look at what Jeff likes to do on the attack, it's either rush the puck up ice and unleash the wrister or take the puck off the wall or from behind the net, loop around to the circle and fire on net. In both ca... Read More »
The Flyers are in the Stanley Cup Finals! Congrats to all the Flyer faithful, and even those who had their moments of doubt and pain. Mike Richards is becoming a leader before our eyes. His taking the game into his own hands against Boston, when he demolished Krejci, reminded me of Scott Stevens (only cleaner) on Lindros. As a Flyer fan who was psychologically injured by that hit, and what it... Read More »

Doing Lines With the Flyers

Posted April 9, 2010
No, this isn't one of those scandalous stories with pictures of the Flyers getting wild at parties. Any Flyers fan can tell you that it's been a frustrating year of high expectations and largely disappointing performance from the guys in Orange and Black. A roster full of talent with the scoring consistency of Sami Kapanen (sorry Sami, I love ya but...). One can point to statistics and... Read More »
I have to say, when I first read about Upshall (and a 2nd) being traded for Carcillo I was pretty upset. Having given things time to digest, I'm not so upset. While I think the Yotes may have gotten the best of Homer on this one, this [i]could[/i] end up working out ok for the Flyers. While I really loved what Upshall brought to the team and believe he has a higher ceiling than Carcillo in te... Read More »