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"Red Wings fan stuck in the south"
Winston-Salem, NC • United States •
With the double elbows to the head from Pronger and Neidermayer on Tomas Holmstrom, there needs to be suspensions. Both of them should get at least a game. I know Pronger got away with out being called but the replay clearly shows both of those goons elbows up at the head. Yes it could be seriously detrimental to the Ducks playoffs hopes but that is just to bad, you play dirty and try to get a... Read More »


Posted May 13, 2007
If the rule is the refs are supposed to blow the whistle once they lose sight of the puck, there is no friggin way they could see the puck down Dom's pad. Watching that in realtime, the whistle should have blown well before he was pushed into the goal by Neidermayer, let alone not blowing until after he was in the net and the puck fell out of the pad. How they could overturn the no goal call on t... Read More »


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