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"Red Wings fan stuck in the south"
Winston-Salem, NC • United States •


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If the rule is the refs are supposed to blow the whistle once they lose sight of the puck, there is no friggin way they could see the puck down Dom's pad. Watching that in realtime, the whistle should have blown well before he was pushed into the goal by Neidermayer, let alone not blowing until after he was in the net and the puck fell out of the pad. How they could overturn the no goal call on the ice is beyond me.

Yeah I know I am biased but come on wtf?
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May 14, 2007 6:13 AM ET | Delete
To clarify... the ref did not wave the no goal call on the ice.But I agree, the whistle rule needs to be more cut and dry... but hey, who knows what the refs are thinking right?
May 14, 2007 8:12 AM ET | Delete
Several times all year goals were called off due to the ref 'intending to blow' the whistle but not having gotten it up to his lips to blow it yet. There may not have been a no goal call but there also was not a goal called on the ice. The puck was in Hasek's pad and he was down. That sounds like a lost sight of the puck blow the whistle moment to me. Then he was pushed into the net also a reason for a no goal call by the way, then the puck finally dropped out of the pad. It could end up being the difference in this series and for such a f-d up call to possibly change the outcome of a playoff series is as bad as it gets.
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