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Questioning Rangers Culture Change

Posted September 6, 2013
Recently I read a post on Hockey Buzz suggesting the New York Rangers require a "culture change" within that dressing room.... Is it just me or has this team witnessed more changes than any team in the league? Firstly, the biggest change is they have moved on from John Tortorella who in my opinion ran this team right into the ground. Secondly, they have already made large spanning roster cha... Read More »

Kadri on Cloud 9

Posted September 4, 2013
Recent reports have indicated that Nazim Kadri is currently seeking a "John Tavares" type contract from the Toronto Maple Leafs which would be 6 years and 5.5 Million dollars.... In my opinion Kadri is not in the same stratosphere as Tavares who has played around 200 more games and recorded around 200 more points in that period. Kadri reflects a contract much closer to the one Matt Duchene whic... Read More »


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