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Blues Cough It Up In Dallas

Posted November 26, 2010
I'll keep this short and to the point. Thanksgiving is over, yet the Blues felt the need to give that game away like a three-button coat at the Salvation Army. They struggle SO MUCH to score any goals, yet let in garbage like that. This was their game, but instead of going home with 2 points and a chance to sweep the home and home, they're going home dejected. Johnson and Halak owe the... Read More »

Blues Clamping Down On Defense

Posted November 7, 2010
You can't help but think there is just something special happening with the Blues. This isn't the same team that would cough up third-period leads last year, or would get caught watching the play, getting pushed off the puck, or getting pushed around physically. No, this is a Blues team that has flipped last year's script and are doing to opponents what they fell victim to last year. The... Read More »

Post-Game Notes: Hawks 3, Blues 2 F/OT

Posted October 18, 2010
Tonight's loss to the Hawks must really sting for the Blues. They played tight defense and shut down the champs for about 54 minutes and Jaroslav Halak was showing exactly why the Blues gave up a former first-round pick for him. But naturally the Blackhawks stormed back and won it in overtime. The second straight game the Blues have lost in OT after leading 2-0. But as much as it hurts n... Read More »

Blues Lack Closers

Posted October 16, 2010
Maybe Davis Payne should bring Mariano Rivera in to lecture the Blues on how to finish goals and games. After scoring two in the first four minutes, the Blues couldn't find the net the rest of the game and let 2 points slip away in a 3-2 shootout loss to Dallas. But they had plenty of chances. Patrik Berglund hit the crossbar on a beautiful move during a power-play. Brad Boyes missed th... Read More »

Blues Trade Deadline Thoughts

Posted March 5, 2010
[img]http://media.canada.com/bdbffb02-dc75-420e-8b09-c7871e3d0f7a/2511cory2.jpg[/img] With the trade deadline now past and the Blues currently on a great five-game win streak, I want to take a brief look back a few days to the trade deadline and a few thoughts I have on the matter. I can't help but be disappointed about two things the Blues did approaching the deadline. 1. I was very surp... Read More »