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I'll keep this short and to the point.

Thanksgiving is over, yet the Blues felt the need to give that game away like a three-button coat at the Salvation Army.

They struggle SO MUCH to score any goals, yet let in garbage like that.

This was their game, but instead of going home with 2 points and a chance to sweep the home and home, they're going home dejected. Johnson and Halak owe the team an apology tonight.

I am embarrassed at the Blues lack of ability to score. It's putrid.
I watch the NHL Network every night and watch teams score some pretty goals and make it look easy. As a die-hard Blues fan, the other teams in the league make goal-scoring look like child's play, compared to the tough time the Blues have had scoring a single goal.

Andy MacDonald scored 9 seconds into the Nashville game and of course the Blues couldn't score anything else, and had to salvage yet another game in extra time.

Like I said, I am a die-hard Blues fan and season ticket holder, and my heart aches after this game in Dallas tonight. It's very painful to watch them piss away a game that should have been theirs. But then again, it's a classic Blues loos when compared to last season.
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