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First 1/16 of the Season Predictions

Posted October 16, 2013
Is it just me, or are the top teams in NHL completely overwhelming their competition? It looks as though the Sharks, Avs and Maple Leafs are the wrecking balls of the league. Or maybe I'm just completely distracted by how Brent Burns is morphing in to a cave man slowly but surely. In any case, last night the Sharks completely annihilated and outplayed the Blues. That's right. The Blues. Their offe... Read More »
The New Jersey Devils played their cross river rivals in the New York Islanders today in speedy fashion. But not so speedy as Michael Grabner with his three breakaway opportunities (two being tallies past Martin Brodeur). The Devils fell 4-3 in a 6 round shootout contest which saw many upsides and down sides in their overall game. The main downside was their defensive breakdowns. Adam Larsson in p... Read More »
The 2013-14 NHL season has errupted in fighting and banging on the glass fashion. Little did anyone know that it would start off this way....oh I'm sorry I was trying not to laugh at that. When you take a temper prone hall of fame goal tender and put him behind the bench of a team that typically plays an "in your face" type game, and another coach who lost his coaching job from a very good team (n... Read More »


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